05. Januar 2023

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Müller starts the year wi­th new Mül­ler­light cam­paign


Müller Yogurt & Desserts is kicking off the year by targeting category growth with its new Müllerlight campaign, positioning the product’s variety of flavours as a great-tasting way to brighten up the coldest and darkest months of the year.

Banner mit den verschiedenen Sorten der Müller UK Light Joghurts.

With Müllerlight representing the dairy company’s most-penetrated brand within the health yogurt segment, being found in more than a quarter of the nation’s fridges, Müller plans to use this new campaign to drive growth within the health segment.

The campaign launched on 2 January and includes print and out of home advertising, point-of-sale, radio and PR.

To highlight the variety of flavours of Müllerlight products, each execution will feature different flavours with messaging changing throughout each month in the first quarter of 2023, with the first artwork encouraging consumers to “grab January by the spoon” and to “lighten up those wintry nights”.

The Müllerlight range, which is available in various indulgent flavours, is thick and creamy tasting but is also fat-free, 99kcal or less, contains 0% added sugar*, and is high in protein.

The campaign follows hot on the heels of an award-winning Müller Corner campaign which saw simple yet high-impact imagery of the iconic packaging reminding consumers of the original corner yogurt.

Similarly, November and December of 2022 featured a bold and energetic Müller Rice campaign with England international footballer Declan Rice, introducing the product to a new and younger audience.

Toby Bevans, Strategy and Marketing Director at Müller Yogurt & Desserts, said:

“We know Müllerlight is one of the nation’s favourite yogurt brands, and our category research has shown us that consumers love it for the variety of indulgent flavours, as well as the enjoyment which comes with a fat-free, high in protein yogurt with no added sugar.

“This iconic product is versatile and has great potential for growth by broadening the appeal to a variety of both new and existing audiences. We believe we can grow the health segment, encouraging consumers to brighten up the gloomiest months by indulging in a tasty range of Müllerlight flavours.

“We want to bring a new level of excitement for our much-loved core range of branded yogurt and desserts, and we hope to do exactly that with this new campaign.”

*excluding chocolate sprinkles range


Potraitfoto von Jack Gorman.
Jack Gorman

Müller UK & Ireland