24. Juli 2023

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Molkerei Unternehmensgruppe

Müller tar­gets new shop­pers wi­th plant-ba­sed ent­ry

Molkerei Unternehmensgruppe
Unsere Müller UK "plant based" Produkte Corner und Reis.

Müller Yogurt & Desserts has launched its first plant-based range in the UK and revealed the return of a retro consumer favourite.

With the new launches, Müller is tapping into the age of nostalgia by dialing up its iconic brand heritage, while also introducing classic Müller products to plant-based shoppers.

As the business targets category growth, the move highlights how it is investing to expand and optimise its portfolio of products to meet more needs and desires.

The launch of Müller Corner Plant Based and Müller Rice Plant Based follows extensive consumer research which identified how it can appeal to new markets, while focusing on its trademark taste and leveraging the power of its well-known and trusted brand.

From this week, shoppers in Asda can buy Müller Corner Plant Based and Müller Rice Plant Based (available in single packs).

In addition, as the brand looks to drive reappraisal of the Müller brand and category growth, it has also confirmed the return of a Müller Corner favourite from the past.

Müller Corner Mississippi Mud Pie Inspired is available now in Asda, with a wider rollout from September, in single packs.

Both launches will be supported by a mixture of social media, PR, and out of home advertising.

Toby Bevans, Strategy and Marketing Director at Müller Yogurt & Desserts said:

“With value sales up 8% year on year1, we will capitalise on this growth by expanding and enhancing our range of products.

“When we spoke to consumers it was clear that plant-based Müller favourites represented a real opportunity, as long as it maintains our trademark taste.

“Plant-based and dairy products have co-existed in shopping baskets and fridges for a long time, so making the nation’s favourite dairy brand accessible to more people is a really exciting and natural move.

“Müller Corner is an icon in the yogurt world and has been around in the UK for over 30 years. From footwear to photography, this is the age of nostalgia and we are surrounded by retro icons everywhere we look. So it is time to celebrate our iconic collection and bring back this favourite in its retro form.

“We are constantly asked on social media when will we bring back Mississippi Mud Pie, so we are confident in our approach.”

The business also recently unveiled a new multimillion pound masterbrand TV campaign, which is part of its first major brand refresh in twelve years.


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