From village dairy to international food company
Ludwig Müller founds a small village dairy in Aretsried
The cheesemaker Alois Müller takes over the dairy
Theo Müller heads the dairy with 4 employees in 1971
Nation-wide advertising campaigns and TV spots (including the legendary football star Gerd Müller, for example)
Thanks to new techniques in milk processing and the establishment of a sales and distribution organization Müller ranks as the first dairy in Germany to embark on the nation-wide distribution of fresh milk products
Müller builds up its own logistics provider (the Culina haulage company) and cup production firm (Optipack)
In 1987 Müller enters the markets in Great Britain
In 1992 Müller builds up own production facility in Great Britain
In the year 1994 Müller acquired Sachsenmilch AG, which has subsequently been developed into Europe’s most modern dairy
In Italy, Müller has been active with a sales and distribution branch in Verona since 1995
In 1999 Müller acquires the acid curd cheese dairy Loose. In the same year, the production of fruit compositions and mixtures for yoghurt is outsourced to Naturfarm GmbH
In 2000 a consortium under the auspices of Molkerei Müller assumes the management of the traditional Molkerei Weihenstephan with its Premium Range in its characteristic white and blue packaging
In 2002 Müller acquires the E. Rehkopf acid curd cheese dairy founded in 1920
The Unternehmensgruppe Theo Müller GmbH & Co. KG is founded in 2003 as the Group’s holding
In 2004 the Unternehmensgruppe Theo Müller acquires the license rights for Nestlé fresh milk products and Cadbury Desserts in Great Britain and also takes over the Almhof brand in the Netherlands
Foundation of the HK Food Group through Heiner Kamps with Theo Müller as minority shareholder as a convenience food specialist company. Nordsee incorporated as branch business area and Homann as gourmet market/dressings business area
In 2008 Müller launches its products on the markets in Israel, the Czech Republic and Romania
In 2008 Müller shares in the Czech dairy Mlékárna Pragolaktos increased from 51% (2005) to 76%
In 2009 Müller launches its products on the market in Poland
In 2010 Acquisition of all remaining shares in Mlékarna Pragolaktos and Weihenstephan
Theo Müller becomes majority shareholder in HK Food which comprises numerous brands in the two divisions food retail and delicatessen/dressing.
Homann takes over Nadler Feinkost, Pfennigs Feinkost and Polish Lisner (a.o.).
Takeover of the North Europe business area of English Group Uniq by Homann. This includes Nadler Feinkost, Pfennigs Feinkost, Thüringer Fischfeinkost Gebrüder Hopf and Polish Lisner
In 2011 Investment of around 70 million Euros in a new whey processing facility at the Leppersdorf site
Homann takes over Weser Feinkost and Rügen Feinkost
Foundation of Unternehmensgruppe Theo Müller S.e.c.s. as holding with HQ in Luxembourg with Heiner Kamps taking responsibility as CEO of the Unternehmensgruppe Theo Müller
Müller takes over the Minsterley facility in Shropshire where Cadbury chilled desserts are made, which Müller sells under licence from Cadbury
Müller Dairy takes over the state of the art yogurt production facility in Telford, Shropshire, from Nom Dairy UK Ltd. which will provide a platform for Müller Dairy to develop its presence in the UK private label yogurt market
Opening of the new butter plant at Müller Dairy in Market Drayton, Shropshire
Commissioning of the company’s own power plant with combined gas and steam turbine process at the Leppersdorf site to provide energy production for the site’s supply
Acquisition of Dairy Crest's dairy business by Müller UK & Ireland. Müller Wiseman Dairies and Dairy Crest’s dairy operations are brought together to create a new organisation called Müller Milk & Ingredients
Culina Group (UK) acquires Great Bear Distribution Limited
Lisner acquires Nordfish-Foodmark Sp.zo.o. with the brand Polarica, a fish processing company located in Charzyno, near Kolobrzeg, in Poland
Commissioning of the new whey processing facility Molke V in Leppersdorf. With this 200 million Euro investment, Sachsenmilch Milk & Whey Ingredients unlocks further markets in the field of babyfood
Through further, strategic acquisitions, the Culina Group (UK) is now one of the market leaders for food transport in the UK.