Alois Müller Naturfarm

Almost the entire fruit requirements of the milk-processing companies of the Unternehmensgruppe Theo Müller are produced under its own management - by Alois Müller Naturfarm Handels-Verwaltungs GmbH.

Aretsried, Leppersdorf

The idea of producing fruit preparations for dairy products in-house was discussed within the Alois Müller dairy as early as the 1980s, and the go-ahead was given in Aretsried in 1992 with the commissioning of the first cooking plant. In the coming years, the Market Drayton and Leppersdorf sites also installed their own cooking facilities, and the production volume was continuously increased through repeated investments in new facilities. Müller Naturfarm is currently the number three fruit processing company in Europe.

With Müller's entry into the Israeli market, Naturfarm was faced for the first time with the challenge of producing fruit preparations with the Superkosher quality standard. After successful retrofitting of the cooking plant in Aretsried, a total of 1,700 tonnes of fruit preparations were delivered to Israel for market entry in 2008.

Through constant optimisation processes (e.g. in fruit sorting), investments and extensions of the facilities, Naturfarm has succeeded in producing fruit preparations for Unternehmensgruppe Theo Müller to a higher quality and more cost-efficient standard than was originally possible by purchasing them.

Alois Müller Naturfarm Handels-Verwaltungs GmbH 
Zollerstraße 7
86850 Aretsried


Foundation: 1998

Business area: Production of fruit preparations