With an annual capacity of 4 billion units, Optipack is one of the most important suppliers to the food and luxury food industry, especially in the field of preformed plastic cups.

Aretsried, Leppersdorf

OPTIPACK GmbH is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of PS and PP cups as well as PET preforms for the food industry.
With a capacity of roughly 4 billion units per year we produce high-quality products on state-of-the-art machines. At the same time, OPTIPACK develops attractive cup shapes for its customers and thus ensures the right effects in the premium segment.

Optipack GmbH 
Zollerstraße 7
86850 Aretsried

Tel. +49 8236 999-501
Fax +49 8236-999-678

Optipack GmbH 
An den Breiten
01454 Leppersdorf

Tel. +49 3528 434-8501
Fax +49 3528 434-8509


1983: First own pot production plant
1992: Independent legal form Optipack GmbH & Co. LIMITED PARTNERSHIP
2002: Start of construction of Optipack plant Leppersdorf
2004: Start with cup production in Leppersdorf
2009: Optipack receives the Molkerei-Technik-Preis (Dairy Technology Award)
2013: Beginning of the manufacture of Desto cups
2021: Commissioning of a new automated high-bay warehouse in Aretsried

Business area: Production of PS, PP and PET packaging units