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In 1021, Bishop Egilbert founded a Benedictine monastery on Weihenstephan Hill. Later, monks began producing dairy products, initially for their own needs. In 1998, the Weihenstephan dairy, which was founded in 1967 as a state-run educational enterprise, changed location and has since been producing in a newly built dairy on the nearby grounds of the former Schlütergut. In a seven-day/24-hour operation, the employees in Freising refine raw milk into high-quality dairy products.

In addition to the production and administration of the Weihenstephan dairy, several central departments of the Unternehmensgruppe Theo Müller are also located in Freising.

Facts & Figures

Our Freising site at a glance
170 employees (approx.)
200 million kg milk processing quantities (annual)
70 products
  • 1967

    Founded as a state training company on the "Weihenstephaner Berg"

  • 1998

    Moved to Milchstraße, Freising

  • 2000

    Integration into the Unternehmensgruppe Theo Müller

Molkerei Weihenstephan GmbH & Co. KG
Milchstraße 1
85354 Freising


Telefon: +49 (0) 8161 / 172-0

Our Freising site

The historical villa with its idyllic park is the "trademark" of our location. The location is just outside the city of Freising and is home to the Weihenstephan dairy, as well as some group functions of the Unternehmensgruppe Theo Müller.

Meeting Point

Freising is a popular meeting point for the Group due to its good logistical connections.

A lot to offer

The location has a lot to offer: Prestigious ambience, diverse event rooms, modern workplace design and the park, a landscape gardening gem. After long meetings or intensive work phases, new creativity and energy can be replenished here.

We love our products!

Refrigerators filled with delicious dairy products for free consumption are available in the corridors and meeting rooms as a second breakfast or snack during breaks. Also high-quality coffee is made freely available to the employees. And for family shopping, the factory outlet lures after work.

Cathedral City Freising

The city centre of Freising can be reached from the location in a few minutes by bus or bicycle. Upper Bavaria's oldest city impresses with its historical charm and high quality of life. Freising is a renowned science centre thanks to its university and various research institutes. And proud of it. We are also in close contact with the "Weihenstephan Campus".

"Servus" Munich - the cosmopolitan city within reach

From Freising it is only 20 to 40 minutes by car or S-Bahn to Munich. When it comes to quality of life, Munich regularly ranks high in international city comparisons. Yes, the "northernmost city of Italy" is a good place to live: World city, alpine view, idyllic village, lively street life, tradition, culture, nature and joie de vivre.

Munich beer garden culture

Nowhere is Munich's attitude to life better than in the city's beer gardens. Cosy, convivial, hospitable, shady oases of beer bliss and feasting with chicken, Steckerlfisch, Obazdn and pretzels. The beer garden is Munich's favourite tradition. It is also typical to bring your own snack. That is permitted, even by decree.

Munich (night) life

The festive Municher is attracted by countless (folk) festivals, fairs, dulten, festivals, open-air stages, trendy get-togethers, clubs and bars. Among them the world-famous Oktoberfest with six million visitors every year. For those who prefer things quieter: Munich is a stronghold of the cabaret scene, organises "Long Nights of Music and Museums" and offers a rich cultural programme thanks to the State Opera, stages and theatres.

Sports fans

Besides the Bavarian cosiness, the sport is very important. Extravagantly the city surfers at the Eisbach inspire the audience with Hawaii-suited stunts. Extensive parks and running tracks offer runners in Munich training tracks for numerous (half) marathons and triathlon events. And an excellent network of cycle paths invites you to cycle.


One of the most popular holiday regions in Germany is waiting for you in the south of Munich. From Freising you can reach the Bavarian Alps in just one hour for hiking, mountaineering, climbing, mountain biking or skiing in winter. And if you want to go a little further south, you'll have a weekend on the Brenner: after only a three-and-a-half-hour drive, an espresso awaits you on Lake Garda in Italy.

Bavarian Lakes

There are numerous bathing lakes very close to the site, which can be easily reached by bicycle after work. Further south, some of the most beautiful Bavarian lakes, such as Tegernsee, Ammersee, Starnberger See or Chiemsee, await you for swimming, sailing or relaxing. By the way: You can also reach the lakes from Freising by public transport.

The big world close at hand

New York, Rio, Sydney, Tokyo, Moscow, Cairo or Paris, for visiting friends or for holidays: From Freising, no journey into the world is too far. Munich Airport is only 15 minutes away by car.