15. April 2014

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Blick auf das Sachsenmilch Werk in Leppersdorf.

(Leppersdorf, 15.4.2014) The company’s own power plant at the Sachsenmilch site in Leppersdorf was recently commissioned after a planning and construction phase lasting a year and a half. Theo Müller and Heiner Kamps, CEO of Unternehmensgruppe Theo Müller, today gave Stanislaw Tillich, the Prime Minister of Saxony, an insight into the around €60 million investment project. “The technology deployed here enables us to achieve overall efficiency of 85%,” pointed out Theo Müller.

In future, the new gas and steam power plant (combined gas and steam turbine process) will provide almost 100% of the site’s supply of heat, in the form of steam and electricity. The two gas turbines will be fuelled by natural gas and biogas generated at the site. Thanks to the highly efficient cogeneration of heat and electricity, fuel requirements are almost halved in comparison to conventional condensing power plants. This makes a significant contribution towards the turnaround in energy policies (“Energiewende”). The power plant’s high degree of flexibility also contributes to power grid stability, which is becoming increasingly important in view of the constantly rising share of power provided by renewable energy sources.

The power plant generates a total electrical output of 34 megawatts, which is sufficient to meet the annual requirements of over 60,000 private households.  

“I always enjoy coming back to Leppersdorf because I notice the completion of a new investment project on almost every visit. The rapid growth at this site is extremely impressive. This is good for the region and the Free State of Saxony,” remarked the Prime Minister Stanislaw Tillich. Sachsenmilch’s strong development is constantly creating new, highly qualified jobs and therefore good career prospects for young people from the region, the Prime Minister added.

This is reflected in the field of training at Leppersdorf in particular: 85 trainees and students are currently working at the site following 11 professional training paths and undertaking four courses of study at the vocational academy (business administration, food safety, asset management and human resources management). The retention rate has stood at over 90% for years.

Technical details on the power plant:

2 gas turbines   14 MW generator output                                          
1 waste heat boiler   65 t/h steam output
1 steam turbine   6 MW
Furnace thermal capacity   114 MW


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